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Our website has an exclusive section in charge of finding people interested in collaborating with us in the writing of articles and providing us with information about games and animations important for us and for the entire gamer community that reads us.

We are always looking for more and more people who love this world, so if you like to play a lot of video games, you enjoy it and also study to disseminate the information found, but not you have where you can use our page if you communicate with us.

Our team can attend the requests for collaboration, always checking that these are a useful contribution for our community and that our users can enjoy and take advantage of it, without any payment, because our page is free. This means is for you to communicate to people your knowledge, in addition to making your name known among writers and connoisseurs of video games and tricks.

Everything that is going to be written on our page is previously evaluated by editors to ensure that the content complies with the policies and forms of writing that the page uses so that it has all concordance and follows our same line of drafting.

We accept people who know general things and specific things of each game, such as hidden places or characters, extra bonuses that you can get in the game, among many other things that the collaborator can offer to our website and our readers mainly.

Knowing everything you can do with us and interested in doing so, you can contact us through any of our contact ways that you can find in our section with the same name, and send to our mail everything you want to write and your application as a collaborator.