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Our page is in charge of making known the best of the games, the special things that are eclipsed in them and that any person, at first sight, could not see, that’s why we try to enlighten them or show the easy steps to find them.

We specialize in the cartoon or animated games, whether they may be based on series or not, many of these games are complicated to pass, so in these cases, we have exceptional guides on how to pass them, although in doing this you lose the magic of the game.

On our website, we do not discriminate anyone, as we are open to all types of gamers that play other kinds of games. Our strength is the RPG, which makes us feel inside the game, representing any character that we have access to and we can use it in battles, game scenes, etc.

We are a team of experienced people who have been demonstrating that we know about this type of games and that our information is 100% true when it comes to publishing it.