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Fix Your Computer by Restarting Your System With these steps; you can get rid of Xbox controller drifting.
Because it does a system reset, you may lose some game data if you use this option. It would help if you also moved any objects that could interfere with the wireless signals to prevent Xbox Controller from Not Connecting and malfunctioning.

However, a few customers have found this method to be effective in resolving the Xbox controller Drift.

Follow the instructions below once you’re certain the controller signals won’t interfere.

How can I turn my Xbox One back on?

To restart your Xbox, follow these steps:

  • At least 10 seconds of holding down the Xbox button on the console will open the Power center.
  • Wait a maximum of three minutes after unplugging your console’s power supply.
  • Plug in your console’s power supply.
  • Turn on your Xbox by pressing the Xbox button on your console.
  • As soon as it’s lit, press and hold down the Xbox button on the controller to begin.
  • If the Xbox wireless controller flashes, there will be no more drifting, indicating that Xbox Controller Not Connected has been repaired.
  • If you are still experiencing Xbox Controller Drift, continue to the next remedy.
  • To fix Xbox Controller Drift, replace the batteries in your Xbox Controller.
  • Xbox Controller Drift can be fixed by inspecting or replacing the controller’s batteries.
  • The controller’s battery life reduces as you use it more frequently.

So your controller’s batteries may have run out, leading your analog sticks to drift without any user input.

After changing the controller, here’s how to connect it to the console:

  • Select “Pair” from the Xbox’s list of available options and press it.
  • To pair a controller with an Xbox, hold the pair button for 20 seconds until the Xbox button lights up or flashes.
  • As long as you have a working connection, the Xbox logo will remain glowing.
  • Ensure that the Xbox is properly cleaned.

Clearing the dust from the Xbox will help you stop the analog sticks from slipping. I’ll provide a video guide that walks you through each step of cleaning your Xbox without hurting it.

To clean the Xbox controller, you’ll need:

  • Buds of cotton
  • Rubbing alcohol, isopropyl
  • Inconspicuous Needle
  • Cloth cleaning