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Hand-Made Animation in FPS Games – Does It Really ‘Clicks’?

The first-person shooters or the FPS are very good, but something that many people is not paying much attention to those devoted artists who work

3 Graphic Adventure Games We Will Remember Forever

Adventure games have gradually caused more and more sensation and pleasure in people. Since the beginning of the world of video games, adventure games began


3 Android RPG Games to Try in 2019

Mobile phones over the years have been slowly displacing the video game industry, so many companies have chosen to launch their games to mobile devices

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Chess has rules, but what are they?

Chess has been a favourite for decades. Two players face off on a 64-square chessboard.

Pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, and a king and queen are among the 16 pieces available to each player. To win the game, you must defeat your opponent’s king and accomplish checkmate.

Controlling key squares on the board is dependent on players using pieces to do so.

Many ways to win this game can be found through meticulous strategy and play; however, the majority of the time; it boils down to this:

Chess is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels since there are so many possible outcomes.

How to Play Chess: A Step-by-Step Guide

Since the Middle Ages, people have enjoyed playing chess. There are sixteen pieces in total for each player; they include the king (or queen), queen (or rook), rook (or bishop), bishop (or knight), and pawn (or pawn).

The game’s goal is to trap the other king’s king such that it can’t move without being trapped, a situation known as checkmate.

The path to reaching this objective, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as it seems. Players must employ strategy and planning to win.

Castling is a frequent maneuver in which the king is placed where it can’t be attacked. Another strategy is to give up something to obtain a competitive edge.

Chess is a game that players of all skill levels can enjoy since it has many options.

A game of chess

When learning to play chess, one of the first things you should know is how to set up the chessboard. The board is divided into 64 squares and is alternately black and white.

Each player has a white square on the bottom right side of the board. There are 32 chess pieces, 16 for each player, in a normal set.

An eight-piece board is divided into six sections by the placement of the aforementioned pieces. We’ll get into the specifics of how each type of piece moves in a moment.

For the time being, the most important thing to know is where the pieces go on the board when the game begins. The rooks and the knights are positioned at the outer corners of the board.

Following the bishops is the queen, who chooses her color for the occasion (white squares for White, black squares for Black). The king finally enters the final square, and the pawns are positioned in front of the rest of the pieces on the board.

Particles and how they move

There are 64 squares on the board, divided into eight rows and eight columns. Each player has eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, a queen, and a king to choose from in this game. The game’s goal is to defeat the king of the opposing player.

The king can be caught or placed in check, preventing movement without capture or trapped.

Rules govern the movement of chess pieces on the board. One exception to this rule is the pawn’s first move, which allows it to advance two squares. The rook can move in either direction infinitely.

The bishop has unlimited diagonal movement. After moving two squares in one direction, the knight moves a tile at a right angle to that direction.

The queen in any direction can move any number of squares, and finally, the king can move one square in any order during the game.


Castling is a chess move where the king and one of the player’s original rooks are used together. Only the player who possesses the king can make this move. Once their turn comes, the player chooses which rooks to utilize.

Immediately after the king crosses over the square just passed by the rook, the rook advances to that square.

There are two steps in the casting process. As a result, a ‘royal raid’ could be considered the only move in which the king and a rook can move simultaneously.

Taking advantage of the rook’s position in the corner, the king is moved closer to the center of the board. On the other hand, Castling allows you to get all of your pieces into play more quickly.

You can open up a rook’s path to the center or kingside of the board by moving the king two squares toward it. Castling is an important chess move that should be used to your advantage whenever possible.

What Board Games Are Convenient to Take on a Road Trip? The Best Board Games for Travel

To keep kids entertained while traveling, it’s essential to pack a range of travel board games. It is advised that children utilize board games to pass the time and keep everyone involved!

On the other hand, not all board games are suited for traveling, and some travel games may be heavy and take up a lot of room.

While traveling, some games may demand the usage of specific equipment or playing surfaces that aren’t always available.

Travel-friendly versions of several popular board games are available, making them ideal for bringing on vacation.

If you’re planning a trip with your family, you’ll want to check out some of these board games for kids ideal for traveling.

Listed here are some of the greatest board games for traveling. Both adults and children can enjoy that.

The Benefits of Playing Board Games While Traveling –

Traveling with children under the age of ten might be a challenge. In addition to the regular preparations and planning for a trip, it is vital to find strategies to keep your children entertained during long vehicle rides and in unfamiliar locations.

Board games are a terrific way to keep your guests entertained. Apart from being entertaining, the best board games can also serve as an opportunity for family bonding and educational enrichment.

Everyone may unplug from their electronic devices and spend meaningful time together playing board games.

They also encourage their participants to play fairly, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively. Children of all ages can enjoy them, unlike many other electronic games.

The Best Children’s Board Game to Take With You When You Travel

games of strategic thinking

Chess, checkers, and go are wonderful board games for folks who want an intellectually challenging task while playing. Whether you win or lose, collecting all the clues in a portable round is still entertaining.

Thought and planning are required in these games, but there is also an opportunity to outwit your opponents.

Travelers who prefer to travel alone may appreciate that just one person can play many strategy games. Playing at home is just as much fun as going on the road when you’re on the winning team.

There is a strategy game for everyone, whether you are looking for competitive fun with your friends or a peaceful hobby to do on your own.

Word games are a popular pastime.

Playing word games is yet another quick-and-easy alternative for passing the time while on the run. To keep your mind sharp while on the road, you can play games like Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Boggle while on the road.

Additionally, you can develop your vocabulary and problem-solving skills by using them in the game. Whether at home or on the go, this game is easy, hilarious, and enjoyable!

The fact that they are compact and light makes them a good option for travelers who want to avoid carrying bulky luggage.

Bring a few of your favorite word games along when you take a road trip. You’ll thank yourself for reading this!

Game of chance

You may play dice games with a group or alone, making them ideal for parties on the go. Many board games, such as Yahtzee, Farkle, and Bunco, can be taken on the road with you to test your luck.

It is possible to play Yahtzee with any number of people. It is necessary to roll five dice for the game and make particular combinations to score the most points possible.

Farkle is another popular dice game that’s easy to learn. It’s your job to make as many combinations out of dice as possible to win the game.

Even without a portable version of the game, dice games can readily fit into a tiny backpack. Traveling with dice is vital for a little light entertainment when you’re away from home.

Games to play with your family

Playing cooperative board games on the road or in the air is a great way to develop family ties when traveling.

Bring a board game like Monopoly, Clue, or Candyland with you to pass the time with loved ones while waiting in line or waiting for a flight.

Lightweight and portable, they may be enjoyed anywhere, from the beach to a lengthy car ride or relaxing in a hotel room.

They’re perfect for killing time on a plane or train. For those looking for a simple game to play, this is it!

Where did the game of Monopoly come from? Discover Interesting Facts about the Game of Monopoly

Charles Darrow, credited with inventing Monopoly, has a well-known backstory. Unemployed in 1935, he sold pencils door-to-door to make ends meet.

When he was wandering around Philadelphia one day, he came upon a group of children playing a street game.

The Landlord’s Game was the name he gave to his recreation of the game, which he sold to relatives and friends because he thought it looked fun.

Then again, this was never the case. To begin with, Mr. Darrow’s true identity is even more fascinating than the legend that surrounds him.

Now that you know where this popular board game came from, we’d like to share some interesting tidbits from its long and fascinating history.

Where did the game of Monopoly come from?

To date, the origins of Monopoly may be dated back to the 1920s. The first known version of the game was created by an American woman named Lizzie Magie.

Through Magie’s game, players will learn about the perils of property monopolies and land reform.

The Landlord’s Game was the first name given to the game, which immediately became popular among Progressive Era activists in the 1920s and 1930s.

Monopoly was originally known as “William Parker’s Landlord’s Game” by the Parker Brothers, who bought the rights to the game in 1935. Since that time, Monopoly has become one of the most popular board games ever.

According to the publisher, more than 275 million copies of the game have been sold globally, and 114 countries play the game.

Last but not least, the Atlantic City neighborhood of Marvin Gardens, which a friend of Darrow’s had incorrectly spelled as “Marven Gardens.”

While married to a Virginia businessman, Magie sold her invention to Parker Brothers for $500 the same year; initially happy that her instrument for teaching about economic disparity would finally reach the general public, she soon realized that she had made a terrible mistake.

Having a limited amount of land is difficult because each turn, tokens are increased by 10.

Monopoly players gain money by owning property and collecting rent.

To make matters even more difficult, the game’s design makes it so that there is only a restricted quantity of land to work with.

Each player starts with ten tokens, and they can increase their total by ten each turn. Because of this, the game swiftly devolves into a frantic scramble to amass the most land possible.

It may be fun for others, but for individuals who are handicapped, it can be a frustrating experience.

The original goal of the game was to spread awareness about the dangers of monopolies.

Monopoly is a game that people of all ages can enjoy, according to most people. However, the original purpose of the game was to demonstrate the dangers of monopolies.

Elizabeth Magie, an economist, invented the Landlord’s Game in the early 1900s to demonstrate the negative impact of monopolies.

Later, Parker Brothers purchased the game and renamed it Monopoly.

As a political tactic, Monopoly has been employed in the past.

Protest and social change have become increasingly common uses of the game in recent years. To raise awareness about certain concerns, activists have built unique rouge versions of the game that focus on various topics.

The goal of the games is to raise awareness of these concerns and get people talking about possible solutions to them. When protesting for social change, Monopoly may be a strong tool.

Hand-Made Animation in FPS Games – Does It Really ‘Clicks’?

The first-person shooters or the FPS are very good, but something that many people is not paying much attention to those devoted artists who work on hand-made animations, something not so crucial nowadays, but certainly very artsy and often ignored.

How many times have we not loaded a weapon or thrown a grenade or a knife in a game, and have enjoyed how do the setting looks as real as it was made on a computer? All this takes its digital work, in which the animators do a great job to achieve it with the best quality and realism possible. Many of the games we play every day have a job in the movement and realism hand-made animations have to offer to the game designing world, which has been achieved with a good budget for animation, good teams and good animators that have been gotten from the best companies in the world. But does this really matter to people?


One of the games that have very good hand-made animations is the video game released in 2016, DOOM, in which the player makes many movements like shooting, strangling, breaking heads, brutally hit, and you can also play incredibly with your character’s favorite toy, making it look super realistic.

Rainbow Six Siege

Another very good game with very good animations is Rainbow Six Siege, in which you can do many interesting things, such as setting fines, what you do at the time of being a police officer. Where breaking walls with hammers, climbing walls with guns of nails, reinforce walls and many very interesting and incredible things are meant to be done that needed a lot of time and work to make them to look good.

Far Cry 4

We also have another game in which you can perform yourself, perform mini self-programmed surgery for the game, shoot, handle, unearth, hit and many more, is a well-known game. Thanks to all the efforts made by the animators of the videogame companies, we can obtain great results when playing, which makes the dynamics of the game very natural very realistic.

3 Graphic Adventure Games We Will Remember Forever

Adventure games have gradually caused more and more sensation and pleasure in people. Since the beginning of the world of video games, adventure games began and many of them marked our childhood. Each of these games, has a meaning for us, we may or may not pass the game, we use a trick, discover a character or even a secret site. All these things make these games special for us.

So here is a list of 3 graphic adventure games we will remember forever:

Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time

It is an adventure game in which you simulate everything that happened in the unfortunate fact of the well-known Titanic ship that sank in 1912. You will have to work as a spy from the moment you embark until the moment of sinking. During these days you will have to perform certain specific missions throughout the ship, which has been represented as the real, based on different photographs and documentation that was obtained to make the film and the game. Everything is against the clock, so you will have to do your missions before the sinking of the ship.

The Space Bar

The basic game of mystery, in which you are in a bar working and serving drinks in space, but certain events arise and make you have to leave the bar to defeat the bad guys. So it is an interesting game that includes the mystery, the action, the adventure and also, very good quality for the time it was created.

Runaway: A Twist of Fate

One of the three installments of the Runaway, a series of games that includes an incredible soundtrack, with good graphics and a very good story, in addition to having ironic humor. A game of street races and adventures between bands throughout the city that is very entertaining and in which you can spend a lot of time. These three games may bring back memories of your childhood and make you remember many interesting things about them, they are very good games and impossible to forget.

3 Cartoon Themed Games You Should Play Right Now

The cartoons on television or in the movies are very funny and make us spend hours enjoying their clever and fascinating stories that tells in each chapter of them. This made some game creators think that using cartoons could have great success and in some cases it is true and it can happen, but in other cases, they have become big failures. Generally this type of games is very related to the story, although in some cases it is completely out of context. Games of this type are usually launched on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS, which allows users to have the game always at hand when they wish to have fun and spend an entertaining time, helping to spread the game.

For all this here a list of 3 cartoon themed games you should play right now, which almost all are free:

South Park: Phone Destroyer

The game of the well-known series South Park, series that is somewhat criticized by everything that is presented in it. This is its second game, this time released on mobile platforms and working as a sequel to his first game South Park: The Stick of Truth, which also surprised a lot. In general, these games are very surprising because they are very elaborate cartoon games with a very good story and playability. It is a PVP card game, in which you have to go through certain stages to unlock better cards and better-allied characters that will help you in the battle. It is a highly recommended game and you should totally play.

Pocket Mortys

Game of the well-known animated series Rick and Morty, which obtained a great success and equally its game goes by the same way, to surprise all the people for the so good adaptation of the game to the series, placing all the stages and all the characters, being one of the best mobile games nowadays. It is available on all mobile platforms.

The series is a dark sarcastic comedy, which has obtained much success and also has given success to the game that has very good graphics, great audio and incredible gameplay, making it one of the best games adapted to a series.

Pokemon GO

Game that caused great sensation, becoming a very viral game, breaking records of downloads and with millions of memes created about it. It was a game that had its moment, in any person, whether or not they knew Pokemon was gold, but this was only for that moment, then there were the real Pokemon fans who are those that are currently playing it. It is a game that is like most Pokemon games in catching wild Pokemon but this adapting it to the reality, making these captures in specific places of the real world map, so people feel quite introduced in the game thanks to the augmented reality.

The Pokemon franchise became famous thanks to the anime which makes many advances to create a game that continued to position them as one of the best at the time.

These are just three games that have been very good and are recommended to play yet, but there are many more you should try and search the web.

What Are a Gambling Website and What Games Are Available?

Gambling is a game of chance and as such is regulated by law and is one of the oldest forms of gambling in existence. Today there are many online gambling sites, which allow internet users to play video poker, craps, roulette and blackjack for real money from the comfort of their own home. The act of playing online games for money has become extremely popular and can be traced back to the ancient Chinese game of Hangover Poker. However, gaming at boostcasino and casino go together almost as well as bread and butter goes together. The casino is also a form of gambling. Casino games available at most casinos are also commonly known as casino games.


Online gaming and casino websites are basically websites that allow the gamers to wager money or play with virtual money or play against other online players. This includes things like poker, slots, blackjack, bingo, video poker, windaic, and more. These sites offer all types of games and allow the gamer to play for money as well. In a virtual casino, the gamers gamble real money or else casino currency, or they can play video poker, roulette, and blackjack for virtual money as well.


Gambling is definitely a lot of fun and can even be a great stress reliever. I think the whole concept of a casino is kind of silly actually, because it is basically gambling in a literal sense. It’s cool that they call it a casino because it makes me think of Vegas, Las Vegas, and the famous gambler, Roulette, which is of course a game of chance. I mean it’s pretty cool if you ask me, but personally I wouldn’t get too excited in Las Vegas, because I’ve been there a few times and I’ve never made any money playing there. That’s because I’m a bad gambler, I don’t have a lot of experience gambling, and I don’t really know how to play the game.

3 Android RPG Games to Try in 2019

Mobile phones over the years have been slowly displacing the video game industry, so many companies have chosen to launch their games to mobile devices to reach more people and be downloaded much easier. In Android, most of the games are free, so there is a variety, especially in role-playing games, which can be very fun, we can enjoy them a long time and they can give us a lot of distraction.

For all these features we can find the 3 Android RPG games to try in 2019:

Inotia 4

It is a mobile role-playing game, in which you are a pirate and you must work with gold, minerals, and all kinds of things that pirates perform in games like Assassin, Diablo and other ones of this style.< It is a game developed by the company Com2uS, which created this action game to amuse people through their mobile phones in their free time. It also has great graphics and an incredible sound, so the people who download it, enjoy to the maximum.


It has an 8-bit graphic, which would represent it as an arcade game, in this game you can take on the role of a character and have fun adventures such as distributing cards in an amazing kingdom. Mainly for babies and small children who can entertain a lot with it.

It is a completely free game when you download it, and includes small purchases within the application. It can be played offline mode that can be played without connection, so it does not consume data, it is the perfect game to be fun and not consume data, download it now.

Knights of Pen & Paper

A turn-based game, with arcade machine graphics, that is, it has 8 bits, it is a fun game which you can play with your friends at any time, and you can download it for free in the play store and play it online with Wi-Fi.

post666666 - 3 Android RPG Games to Try in 2019

These are incredible games, which you can try all in the play store without any problem, download them and have fun with all of them.

4 RPG Games Every Fan of The Genre Will Love

In this article, we will be able to touch the best and the worst of different games that have been revolutionizing the digital world since the beginning of the video game industry, becoming one of the most purchased genres. Among this genre, you can find any kind of adventures, robberies, daily life, even vacations anywhere in the world and you can get to represent all this.

In this list, we will take into account the games that caused and continue to have an impact on the people and that generated more income to the companies We will also see the technical data of each game, the graphics, sounds, plot, errors, tricks, hidden things we can find, DLCs, among other things that will be seen in the list. Role-playing games are those in which we can have control over a character that we can personalize, have actions on, manage it, guide it through the whole plot and with which we feel identified.

For this reason, here is a list of the games that any game connoisseur should know and have played:

South Park: The Stick of Truth

It is said that licensed games are really bad, and when talking about a criticized television program, controversial and animated give the receiver a bad feeling. Surprisingly, in this case, it is the opposite because it is a very cool game with which you can spend many hours of fun.

It is a game with a rather curious and funny story, in which two bands of children play in a fantasy story. One band is the wizards and another is the elves, who are in the battle for a wooden stick that “controls” the world and everything they want.


A game of mythology, in which the characters go through different tests, for different maps and they have to face different bosses in each of them to unlock the next. The character is improving weapons and armor so it is a game quite progressive, has very good references and approvals of the people despite being a game based on things of antiquity.


Game in which the graphics are not the main thing taken into account, because they are not very good, is a game with a very mysterious story, in which the character must find certain things in his house, which is haunted and must overcome in some cases ghosts, witches, among other entities, highly recommended.

Fallout 2

An apocalyptic game, in which an attack by different companies with different liquids and toxic substances affects the cities and the inhabitants, must look for some way to enter the shelters available for people suffering from this problem. It is a game where the graphics are very good and has good gameplay. These four games make a lot of reference to role-playing games in the world of games and are ones that any player should know, there are much more incredible that you can check on the web.

The 3 Best Cartoon Styled Games You Can Find on Steam

The community and game store Steam, was created in 2003 to work as a connection between players and to also serve as a store for different PC games that little by little grew to be the great online company we currently know. In this great company, we can currently get great titles for sale, the most recent in the market at any cost, expensive or cheap. Many of these games are of cartoons that are the ones that we mainly talk about on this page and we can also get many role-playing games, which are usually very entertaining.

So here is a list of The 3 best cartoon styled games you can find on steam

Sakura Clicker

It is a game of caricature and anime style, in which the player must demonstrate his agility with the mouse, making a quick click to achieve the different objectives and be able to pass the level. It is one of the best cartoon games that we can find in the store of steam, besides all this we can find it for free, as long as our equipment complies with the necessary characteristics to install.

moe 595960 1280 - The 3 Best Cartoon Styled Games You Can Find on Steam

Mark Of The Ninja

A game that is available for all Windows and MAC devices. In this game the player takes the role of ninja, which must complete different missions in Japan and around the world, to become the most recognized and feared ninja in the world. This game is of displacement, so you can move freely through the space that is available, it is a game mainly of action, so if you like that, it may be one of your favorites. It can be found in the Steam store for a price of $19.99.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Here you can hack into a network, which is the main basis of the game and you can have fun making different changes and passing the story. This is a great skill game, well-known by Anime lovers and it is priced at $29.99 at Steam.

turn pen 976930 1280 - The 3 Best Cartoon Styled Games You Can Find on Steam

These three games are very good classics that you can enjoy in the Steam store at an affordable cost for many hours of fun and good times.