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Hand-Made Animation in FPS Games – Does It Really ‘Clicks’?

The first-person shooters or the FPS are very good, but something that many people is not paying much attention to those devoted artists who work on hand-made animations, something not so crucial nowadays, but certainly very artsy and often ignored.

How many times have we not loaded a weapon or thrown a grenade or a knife in a game, and have enjoyed how do the setting looks as real as it was made on a computer? All this takes its digital work, in which the animators do a great job to achieve it with the best quality and realism possible. Many of the games we play every day have a job in the movement and realism hand-made animations have to offer to the game designing world, which has been achieved with a good budget for animation, good teams and good animators that have been gotten from the best companies in the world. But does this really matter to people?


One of the games that have very good hand-made animations is the video game released in 2016, DOOM, in which the player makes many movements like shooting, strangling, breaking heads, brutally hit, and you can also play incredibly with your character’s favorite toy, making it look super realistic.

Rainbow Six Siege

Another very good game with very good animations is Rainbow Six Siege, in which you can do many interesting things, such as setting fines, what you do at the time of being a police officer. Where breaking walls with hammers, climbing walls with guns of nails, reinforce walls and many very interesting and incredible things are meant to be done that needed a lot of time and work to make them to look good.

Far Cry 4

We also have another game in which you can perform yourself, perform mini self-programmed surgery for the game, shoot, handle, unearth, hit and many more, is a well-known game. Thanks to all the efforts made by the animators of the videogame companies, we can obtain great results when playing, which makes the dynamics of the game very natural very realistic.

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