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4 RPG Games Every Fan of The Genre Will Love

In this article, we will be able to touch the best and the worst of different games that have been revolutionizing the digital world since the beginning of the video game industry, becoming one of the most purchased genres. Among this genre, you can find any kind of adventures, robberies, daily life, even vacations anywhere in the world and you can get to represent all this.

In this list, we will take into account the games that caused and continue to have an impact on the people and that generated more income to the companies We will also see the technical data of each game, the graphics, sounds, plot, errors, tricks, hidden things we can find, DLCs, among other things that will be seen in the list. Role-playing games are those in which we can have control over a character that we can personalize, have actions on, manage it, guide it through the whole plot and with which we feel identified.

For this reason, here is a list of the games that any game connoisseur should know and have played:

South Park: The Stick of Truth

It is said that licensed games are really bad, and when talking about a criticized television program, controversial and animated give the receiver a bad feeling. Surprisingly, in this case, it is the opposite because it is a very cool game with which you can spend many hours of fun.

It is a game with a rather curious and funny story, in which two bands of children play in a fantasy story. One band is the wizards and another is the elves, who are in the battle for a wooden stick that “controls” the world and everything they want.


A game of mythology, in which the characters go through different tests, for different maps and they have to face different bosses in each of them to unlock the next. The character is improving weapons and armor so it is a game quite progressive, has very good references and approvals of the people despite being a game based on things of antiquity.


Game in which the graphics are not the main thing taken into account, because they are not very good, is a game with a very mysterious story, in which the character must find certain things in his house, which is haunted and must overcome in some cases ghosts, witches, among other entities, highly recommended.

Fallout 2

An apocalyptic game, in which an attack by different companies with different liquids and toxic substances affects the cities and the inhabitants, must look for some way to enter the shelters available for people suffering from this problem. It is a game where the graphics are very good and has good gameplay. These four games make a lot of reference to role-playing games in the world of games and are ones that any player should know, there are much more incredible that you can check on the web.

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