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3 Android RPG Games to Try in 2019

Mobile phones over the years have been slowly displacing the video game industry, so many companies have chosen to launch their games to mobile devices to reach more people and be downloaded much easier. In Android, most of the games are free, so there is a variety, especially in role-playing games, which can be very fun, we can enjoy them a long time and they can give us a lot of distraction.

For all these features we can find the 3 Android RPG games to try in 2019:

Inotia 4

It is a mobile role-playing game, in which you are a pirate and you must work with gold, minerals, and all kinds of things that pirates perform in games like Assassin, Diablo and other ones of this style.< It is a game developed by the company Com2uS, which created this action game to amuse people through their mobile phones in their free time. It also has great graphics and an incredible sound, so the people who download it, enjoy to the maximum.


It has an 8-bit graphic, which would represent it as an arcade game, in this game you can take on the role of a character and have fun adventures such as distributing cards in an amazing kingdom. Mainly for babies and small children who can entertain a lot with it.

It is a completely free game when you download it, and includes small purchases within the application. It can be played offline mode that can be played without connection, so it does not consume data, it is the perfect game to be fun and not consume data, download it now.

Knights of Pen & Paper

A turn-based game, with arcade machine graphics, that is, it has 8 bits, it is a fun game which you can play with your friends at any time, and you can download it for free in the play store and play it online with Wi-Fi.

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These are incredible games, which you can try all in the play store without any problem, download them and have fun with all of them.

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