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3 Cartoon Themed Games You Should Play Right Now

The cartoons on television or in the movies are very funny and make us spend hours enjoying their clever and fascinating stories that tells in each chapter of them. This made some game creators think that using cartoons could have great success and in some cases it is true and it can happen, but in other cases, they have become big failures. Generally this type of games is very related to the story, although in some cases it is completely out of context. Games of this type are usually launched on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS, which allows users to have the game always at hand when they wish to have fun and spend an entertaining time, helping to spread the game.

For all this here a list of 3 cartoon themed games you should play right now, which almost all are free:

South Park: Phone Destroyer

The game of the well-known series South Park, series that is somewhat criticized by everything that is presented in it. This is its second game, this time released on mobile platforms and working as a sequel to his first game South Park: The Stick of Truth, which also surprised a lot. In general, these games are very surprising because they are very elaborate cartoon games with a very good story and playability. It is a PVP card game, in which you have to go through certain stages to unlock better cards and better-allied characters that will help you in the battle. It is a highly recommended game and you should totally play.

Pocket Mortys

Game of the well-known animated series Rick and Morty, which obtained a great success and equally its game goes by the same way, to surprise all the people for the so good adaptation of the game to the series, placing all the stages and all the characters, being one of the best mobile games nowadays. It is available on all mobile platforms.

The series is a dark sarcastic comedy, which has obtained much success and also has given success to the game that has very good graphics, great audio and incredible gameplay, making it one of the best games adapted to a series.

Pokemon GO

Game that caused great sensation, becoming a very viral game, breaking records of downloads and with millions of memes created about it. It was a game that had its moment, in any person, whether or not they knew Pokemon was gold, but this was only for that moment, then there were the real Pokemon fans who are those that are currently playing it. It is a game that is like most Pokemon games in catching wild Pokemon but this adapting it to the reality, making these captures in specific places of the real world map, so people feel quite introduced in the game thanks to the augmented reality.

The Pokemon franchise became famous thanks to the anime which makes many advances to create a game that continued to position them as one of the best at the time.

These are just three games that have been very good and are recommended to play yet, but there are many more you should try and search the web.

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